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Today Report: 2020-10-23

There is an indication that you may assume a leadership role and dictate the agenda at work today, predicts Ganesha. You may spend your afternoon window-shopping, looking for a gift that you feel like giving to a loved one. You will spend the evening planning your long-term goals with a close friend or family.

Monthly Report: Oct 2020

Businessmen may be focused on increasing their product sales. However, increasing sales should not be their only objective. They must focus equally upon receivables as well. Students pursuing graduation may be motivated to study for extended hours. They may need to work very hard to learn complicated subjects and memorize effectively. Students must take complete advantage of this month which is definitely in their favor. Salaried employees may be able to deliver excellent work output. They may be offered a promotion or a raise in salary for their diligent efforts. Singles are likely going to fall in love with a person of the opposite sex, perhaps older in age. Both may be mutually attracted toward each other. This month seems to be reasonably good as far as matters pertaining to your finance and money are concerned. Consistent hard work and diligence may ascertain an increased financial inflow for you. There is a distinct possibility of incurring some major financial expenses in regards to your family this month. Planetary influences seem to be average for matters pertaining to your health and fitness. There is a chance of catching a viral infection. You must be careful in this regard. Avoid eating junk food and always keep your hands sanitized.