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Today Report: 2020-10-28

You have been experiencing the adverse effects of stressful lifestyle off-late. But not anymore, as you realise the importance of good health. Maintaining good health will begin with good news of either promotion or increment at work. This leaves you happy and satisfied, says Ganesha.

Monthly Report: Oct 2020

Salaried employees may remain focused on work. They may work with a positive frame of mind, thereby delivering quality output. Patience may be very important. Businessmen may be presented with an opportunity to strike a major deal with a company located overseas. A senior representative from the company may visit you for finalization of this deal. Students pursuing graduation may not be able to retain their focus. They may be occupied with personal problems with someone they are emotionally attached with. This might not be a very promising month as far as your relationship equations are concerned. Your temperamental nature may cause severe turbulences with the one you are in love with. If you do not exercise control, you may eventually break up. The initial days of the month might be very good with matters pertaining to your finance and money. Your financial inflow may definitely increase. There is a distinct possibility of a major financial gain. There is a distinct possibility of being troubled by illnesses such as a throat infection. You may need to be very careful in this regard. Visit your ENT specialist immediately upon any signs of discomfort.