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Today Report: 2020-10-23

There is a strong possibility that you will reach an important milestone in your life today, says Ganesha. Your emotional health is important for your physical well-being. How about spending some good time with like-minded people who can light up your mood?

Monthly Report: Oct 2020

Businessmen may need to remain calm and composed. They should not make any impulsive or hasty decisions pertaining to their business. They may need to persevere and work very hard. Students pursuing post-graduation may remain busy with some personal issues. They may remain occupied trying to sort out differences with a loved one. It may be difficult for salaried employees to perform effectively and deliver targeted output within stipulated time. They may need to ward off any distractions and remain focused on assigned work. People in committed relationships may be stressed due to uncertainty on the occupational front. They may not be able to spend much time with their partners. The month may not seem to present any major financial issues. You may successfully be able to increase the inflow of money significantly without much effort. You may expect to see some results in this regard during the month-end. This is the month when you may need to stay extremely cautious with matters pertaining to your health and fitness. People middle aged and above may have a lingering pain in the joints of their body which may keep them bothered.