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Today Report: Taurus Horoscope for Wednesday, October 28, 2020

You get by with a little -- or maybe even a lot -- of help from your friends. You`re usually plenty competent and able to handle whatever life throws your way, but right now you`re much more confident when you get a second opinion that backs you up. You have your fair share of pride, but there`s nothing wrong with sharing your problems with the people who care about you. They won`t make light of whatever is bothering you, Taurus, and you should give them the chance to prove their trustworthiness to you.

Monthly Report: Taurus Horoscope for October, 2020

Lie low, conserve energy, and contemplate your future for this month, Taurus. And your existence, plans for the future, everything need a better perspective for now. You could befriend an advisor or confident now but be wary of enemies masquerading as friends. You'll know these by their violent edge. You might have been drawn into governmental, institutional, spiritual, lustful or secret arenas over the last two months. If you've been ethical and honest in these, stay the course; there could be great benefit through this October. Romantic and creative notions add pleasure if not success. Tackle chores mid-month. Exciting, lucky meetings arrive around the month end.