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Today Report: Leo Horoscope for Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Your view is obscured by something that may or may not be easily removed. If you can`t see out of the windshield, and you can`t clean off the dirt, you know better than to attempt to drive, right, Leo? There`s nothing wrong with staying put for a while anyway, especially if you have loose ends to tie up in the immediate vicinity. Your creativity can be a big help when you`re attempting to solve one of your problems, but try not to be overemotional when dealing with a friend or sibling. Try to keep in mind that some things -- especially personality-related conflicts -- can`t be cleared up in one sitting.

Monthly Report: Leo Horoscope for October, 2020

A mellow mood wafts through your days this month, Leo. Your thoughts return to the past, to former travels or past loves, past status positions to determine how you lost something, or how you got where you are. You want meaning, truth. One truth is that you often unwittingly combine status with friendship. It's an easy, smooth month ahead for you, but don't buy major possessions or argue about money these days. Your libido is strong now, which can lead to a great sexual experience -or shock this month or next. Do not gamble nor invest before the end of the month.