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Today Report: Aries Horoscope for Wednesday, October 28, 2020

New situations and last-minute decisions create problems for the usually together Aries. You have a tough time dealing with anything that isn`t penciled into your appointment book, and unfortunately, those types of events will probably occur more times than not throughout the day. Do your best to roll with the waves, even when you don`t feel very comfortable doing so. It might help to have someone to lean on -- a close friend or coworker who you trust -- just in case you decide that you really can`t hack it on your own.

Monthly Report: Aries Horoscope for October, 2020

Your energy, effectiveness, charisma, cheerfulness and sense of timing are still tops although inner searching or the need to deal with governments, charities or NGOs still exists for you this month, Aries. You're in a quandary about a special relationship, when this person draws you, or reveals what he/she is up to. This relationship dilemma might lead you back, by next month and the following one, to a former insight, a secret, or a counsellor in any case, your quandary will be solved, your doubts erased, before October ends.